About Me

Hello, My name is Łukasz. I’m from Poland. I’m a great enthusiast of the English language. Even though I have never been to any English speaking country, I was able to learn the English language by myself. I’ve got 1,5 years of teaching experience. I conduct online lessons for children, youth, adults.

I can help you to learn English just for yourself or help you to prepare for school exams. In the past, I conducted English classes for primary school students.

I graduated from university in sociology specialising in the Sociology of Interpersonal and Family Interactions. My field of study has contributed to the further exploration of sociological and psychological subjects with particular emphasis on motivational skills in the improvement of ourselves.

I encourage you to develop your interest in English. We can more together!


Learning foreign languages could be a nice journey, a great fun. It doesn’t have to be a tedious duty. I recommend everyone to find some time for English activities. It could be watching, listening, reading or even athletic activities. 

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