Have you ever felt resignation after not receiving the expected results ?

Resignation is a feeling that stops us from moving forward. Why do we usually give up so soon when resignation appears? We ought to know that we should fight with it and try to nip it in the bud. Otherwise it will creep into our life uninvited. It happens because resignation does not meet any resistance, so it continues to haunt us in the future. If we say “NO” at the beginning, it will become extinct.

There is a great remedy for your fears or other feelings that stop you from achieving your goals; provide yourself with a weapon that will protect you against unexpected and uninvited guests. Surround yourself with optimism by looking for movies, books, people, etc. from which you could derive positive energy that will give you fuel for your passion and dreams. Search for inspiration whenever you see a chance for it. Whenever you stumble across on something pessimistic fight for your realisation and happiness!

Have you ever abandoned your dream because you were scared ?

Don’t lose hope and a positive attitude towards your goals. If you dream about anything, know that it can happen, it can be realised! You are responsible for your own happiness. Make sure that you tread on the right path. If you ever abandoned your dream, how did you feel afterwards? Were you accusing someone else? Or perhaps were you angry at yourself? Either way, be sure you can change the way you feel about yourself and make your dreams come true.

Throughout our lives we may face many difficult situations and hear the voices of unfriendly people. All we should do is keep going no matter the circumstances. It is much better not to realise the dream you’ve been following while trying, than to abandon your idea completely before even trying to. Not everything may be accomplished but we can achieve much. We should stick with it what we can do and never give up. Fear accompanies our lives continually, we must face it and keep up the good work we do. Do not lose hope nor let yourself be scared about your failures. Even if you’ve fallen you can stand up and continue on.
I recommend you learn from every failure. Just imagine, if we could have learnt from every failure we experienced, how strong we would be now!

Are you strong enough to follow your passions ?

I want to encourage you. Be brave and strong! Realise your passions and follow your dreams. Do not give up. You will face many difficult situations in your life for sure. We cannot avoid them – this is life! Even if you have resolved every single problem in your life so far, it doesn’t mean that you won’t face them again. Be strong every time you face them and don’t let them destroy your passions. Keep looking forward, even if you see a thick mist in front of you. You have the power to disperse it!

Smooth your worries away”

I write further about the aforementioned issues in my e-book “Smooth your worries away”. If you are interested in the subject and want to explore it, I truly recommend you purchase it. Perhaps it will help to relieve you from grief or at least you will know how to face them bravely. Take an example from me and let yourself change your world!

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Łukasz Baliszewski

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